Wednesday, 10 June 2009


ok this is my first post here...
Beijing is so hot now. but i like it. rain, sunshine, wind blowing dusk from everywhere as this is still a developing city. a huge construction site. a huge countryside that hyper-modern buildings inside it.
everything is changing. is unlike to what it look like.

ok i will write something about my projects.
not this city.

so far i have two for VF:
Stethoscope project;
and News Paper project. i need to give it a title. maybe Forgotten News? or Magazine? or Lost Interview?

ok let me think about that.
i will write separate posts for them. later.

now i'm eating.
and listen to the sound of eating, via the vibration on the connection of my teeth, joint and muscle.
so this is just a test post.

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  1. hey yan jun,

    why don't you post the links to your other blogs and web-sites? they are so wonderfuL!