Thursday, 18 June 2009

News for Tomorrow

this is a site-specific sound installation.
it will be seted up in end of September, Beijing.
in an office in using. actually, editorial office of Beijing Youth Weekly (8A-3-F5, Ju long Hua Yuan, Xinzhongjie, Dongcheng).
1, i will choose a tabel; 2, hide some cassette recorder, mini cassette recorder, digital recorder etc.; 3, repeatedly play some recordings of interview (mostly collected from this magazine); 4, use earphone to make high frequencies self feedback with some of the recorders; 5, in additional, hide some lights in the drawers.

the sounds will not be too loud.
i will play it as an instrument in case i am there and someone would like to listen to.

this magazine has invited me to take part in a small exhibition that they will hold in October.
so this installation will be moved to the exhibition space during that. then back to editorial office until December.

i will maybe change the title if there is a better one emerging.


  1. Hello Yan Jun,

    it looks as a very relaxing office...

    can you tell a bit more about the idea behind this project? what's your interest in this particular setting?

    also from what you write, it is not very clear to me if you want to record sound from the hidden recorders or to play back some sound?

    what kind of interaction with the place and with the journalists ?

    is the project structured in two parts : one in the office and another one in some other context?

    very nice project!
    and talking about the invisible generation, check this Burroughs quote on my blog:

  2. wow, haha Burroughs has a great idea:)
    hi Daniele, this office is belong to one of the most popular weekly magazines in Beijing. the style is really like home studio, right?
    i will write a new post to explain...