Tuesday, 2 February 2010


the News For Tomorrow for Birdcage project was done.
here are some report:

i really like to work with these ideas from Daniele and Per and Birdcage and Vision Forum.
actually i still don't know very much about the logical relationship between the frames.
but i do think it's a spreading web that links to my everyday life already. in Beijing i'm trying to realize and feel the realitity and therefore re-build my life, by doing sound, writing, art or nothing but eating. the Birdcage and Vision Forum now is part of that as things related are small, undifineable and growing.
Anne now preparing to do another exhibition in Stockholm under frame of VF. i will not be there but i will do a site-specific work. this is interesting. i can be there in another way. and i have nice titles already: Both One And Two (part one and two); Neither Three Nor Four.
thanx Daniele and Per and everyone. see you around!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

about the News for Tomorrow...

i will not record as Burroughs' idea. but play back the interview recording which already made by the journalists with their interviewees.
some other recorders will be set as "recording standby" to capture the sound of office. then earphones plugged in it will generate self feedback sound. but i will record some sound document which contain both real time sound and feedback sound.
sorry for my English...

see this picture: earphone out from the recorder is close to the microphone of the recorder. the microphone listens to both environment sound and the sound from earphone. this will generate feedback.
here is a short piece i recorded. while my friend Wu Na playing Guqin. the feedback sound is variational since i have moved the earphone as play an instrument:
this is what the recorder documented. if you stand around you will only hear tiny feedback sound and full volume Guqin sound since the earphone is far from your ear...

this installation will be move to an exhibition space for about a week, then back to the office.

my interest is: information feedback. 1, the earphone and microphone of recorder (medium) now makes it listens to itself (feedback of present sound); 2, the old interview recording was abandon after the news been published. now bring them back to office (medium) where the new news was produced (feedback through time); 3, all the sound in the space now are all talking about themselves: news, information, document etc. 4, these small sounds will change the sound environment to a little bit dizzy. as visually, the mess, the information ocean...

Thursday, 18 June 2009

links to my world

yes i have many sites...

www.yanjun.org: mmmm... i'm working with my friend Ruan Qianrui on build a new site on same URL. therefore you can see my new works in an explicit way. now you can check my old field recording, live recording and (especially) information of Chinese underground music / sound experiment.

www.yanjun.org/blog: this is my blog. mostly in Chinese but you can find many pictures and some sound clips. as well as a collection of links of Chinese new sound on right of the page.

www.subjam.org: i have a label. or, better to say, i'm in a group of creative people. we publish CD, CDR, VCD, book, T-shirt, sticker and everything. we organize concert and festival. we are planning to do some happening and a magazine now... it's all in guerilla way.

www.minimidi.cn: this is a festival for experimental music and sound art hold by Sub Jam as branch of MIDI Festival the biggest rock/pop music festival in China.

www.myspace.com/yanjunyanjun: i have upload some sound and video. and write my event schedule here.

www.douban.com/people/subjamorg/: this is a internet community in Chiese only.

my email: subjam@gmail.com

News for Tomorrow

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


ok this is my first post here...
Beijing is so hot now. but i like it. rain, sunshine, wind blowing dusk from everywhere as this is still a developing city. a huge construction site. a huge countryside that hyper-modern buildings inside it.
everything is changing. is unlike to what it look like.

ok i will write something about my projects.
not this city.

so far i have two for VF:
Stethoscope project;
and News Paper project. i need to give it a title. maybe Forgotten News? or Magazine? or Lost Interview?

ok let me think about that.
i will write separate posts for them. later.

now i'm eating.
and listen to the sound of eating, via the vibration on the connection of my teeth, joint and muscle.
so this is just a test post.