Tuesday, 2 February 2010


the News For Tomorrow for Birdcage project was done.
here are some report:

i really like to work with these ideas from Daniele and Per and Birdcage and Vision Forum.
actually i still don't know very much about the logical relationship between the frames.
but i do think it's a spreading web that links to my everyday life already. in Beijing i'm trying to realize and feel the realitity and therefore re-build my life, by doing sound, writing, art or nothing but eating. the Birdcage and Vision Forum now is part of that as things related are small, undifineable and growing.
Anne now preparing to do another exhibition in Stockholm under frame of VF. i will not be there but i will do a site-specific work. this is interesting. i can be there in another way. and i have nice titles already: Both One And Two (part one and two); Neither Three Nor Four.
thanx Daniele and Per and everyone. see you around!

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